Brut Tradition non dosé

Brut Tradition is a Champagne made from a selection of the best vintages that are blended or not depending on the years and that bring you the best of them.

Conclusion: It’s very easy to drink, appealing and deliciously smooth despite no dosage; a wine that never gives up!

  • Eye

    Active effervescence produces a carpet of fine bubbles to the surface of the wine. The color is a golden. The wine is clear and bright.

  • Nose

    An initial aroma of fresh citrus (lemon/lime) with delicate notes of anise and a hint of damp chalk.The aroma opens into grapefruit then sweet orange elevated by hints of tarragon combined with a hint of chalk and flint.Aerating it for longer (decanting it for a bit isn't sacrilege!) brings out lemon meringue pie and clementine notes that melt into melon and apricot tart.

  • Taste

    The attack is crisp with lively and slightly creamy bubbles, powerful but not overly aggressive.You can taste grapefruit peel and salt that underpin orange aromas with refreshing bitterness from candied lemon that leaves a slight sharpness in the mouth; you can tell it's not spent long in the barrel! In come slightly liquorice hints with a return to mouth-watering raspberry/rhubarb notes.