Saphir Brut 1996

It is commonly acknowledged that 1996 is one of the finest Champagne vintages.

After fourteen years of ageing in the cellars, the Cuvée Saphir 1996 has rediscovered its youth with a superb bottle, whilst perfectly retaining its original character.

Cuvée Saphir 1996
  • Colour

    on serving, a multitude of fine bubbles nourishes a superb collar of lasting white foam. The straw yellow robe is of perfect brilliance.

  • Flavour

    the first nose is elegant and scented with aromas of white flowers and roses. On aeration, the presence of grapefruit and orange zest citrus notes bestow it with astonishing freshness. The complexity is provided by notes of mild spices and cinnamon. Hints of brioche bread and honey suggest fine maturity.

  • Taste

    the attack on the palate is powerful and generous. Discrete dosage gives a fine overall balance and a structured finish. A superb year for a great vintage.